Royce, Black Brahma bantam of 2015

Promoting the "Majestic Ones" by raising those magnificent Brahmas since 1997!

Hens' Haven is now the home of Brahma bantams in five varieties! We breed Blacks, Darks, Lights, Buffs, and Partridge birds. We are also working with the Black Brahma Large Fowl, working on type and color.

We use both the APA Standard of Perfection and the ABA Standard as our guide to get as close to the perfect bird as possible. Breeding purebred poultry is both a driving passion and a delight!

Check out our photos to get an idea of the results of 21 years of experience. And welcome to Hens' Haven!



Dark bantam pullet of 2017.

A future exhibition entry- a Dark cockerel of 2017!

Brianna, Best of Variety, Reserve of Breed.

The Black and the White bantam Brahmas are accepted varieties in the ABA Standard.

New breeders from 2016!

Both the Blacks and Whites are eligible for top honors at any ABA sanctioned show. There must be at least 33% ABA licensed judges present, but they may rightfully take their place as Best in Show, if qualifed.

Partridge Brahma bantam from 2014.

Large Fowl Black Brahma hen with her brood. She's an excellent mother, as are most Brahmas!

Jake, a best friend and a delightful little Buff Brahma bantam cock.

An older lady, Light Brahma bantam hen from 2013. She still lays!

2018 Black Brahma baby bantams! (Say that three times really fast!)

Blacks, Partridge, and Buffs- oh my!

New babies now, champions this fall?

Three weeks old, and ready to take on the world!